1X  PRO 6 Surface

                     1  Slot  c/ 8  analog  IN
                     1  Slot  c/ 4  digital  IN/OUT
                     1  Slot  c/ 8  jack  send / 8 jack return
1   Rack com 16 Un Rack
1X        DL 371 – DSP  Audio System Engine
1X        DL 351  -  Modular  I/O
            com:  -  6 Slots –8X Analog IN
                         2 Slots –8X Analog OUT

Price: €37,000 Euros

Pro 6 Package

1) Pro6 Control surface
(1) System Module DL351 8 Card
(1) System Engine DSP Rack – 5x DSP Cards
(8) O/Card 8 Way Analogue Input Card
(2) O/Card 8 Way Analogue Output Card
(2) D/Card 8 Way In/Out Digital AES/EBU Card
(2) 150m Fibre Optic Reel
The desk has been used on conferences nationwide since being purchased in 2009. It has never been toured or seen any festivals sites. The board is in great condition with all the faders, LED's and buttons operating as new. It has come from a corporate events company.

Price:£22,000 Pounds

H3000 Package

2x Heritage H3000 48Channel consoles
1x Heritage H3000 16Ch Extender/stretch console
All Flightcased in very good condition.

Price:£32,000 Pounds

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