V-Dosc Package

24 Box V-Dosc package with dollies
02 x Bump2
02 x dV-Down
06 x Touring racks
16 x LA48a amps
All Flyware and Angle straps included

Price: €108,000 Euros

V-Dosc Package

16 x V-DOSC
02 x Bump2
08 x Bump23
24 x Bump24
16 x Bump25
16 x Bump25I
16 x Bump26
16 x Bump27
08 x DO.7
10 x DO25

08 x SB28
08 x SB28PLA
08 x SB28COV

04 x LA-RAK (fitted with 3x LA8 incl. AES/EBU each)

06 x dV-DOSC incl. 2 Cases
02 x dV-Down
The system is like new with a Warranty from 2012 except for dV-Dosc.
The seller would consider selling without amps & subs if required.

Price: €204.500 Euros

V-Dosc Package

V-Dosc package from 2009 in very good condition, very little touring.

32 V-DOSC cabinets  w/CCOM Connectors.
32 CA_DOPLA, V-DOSC dolly  Assembly
32 CO_DOSCOV, V-DOSC padded cover
04 V-DOSC Flying bumpers
08 CA-BUMP29A, V-DOSC Bumper Jack adjustment Screws.
01 RIGKIT 4X32, V-DOSC Rigging Package 4X32

16 L-Acoustics  SB-28 Subwoofer elements.
16 CA_SB28PLA, SB-28 Dolly Assembly 
16  CO_SB28COV, SB-28 padded cover
02 CA_BUMPSUB, L-Acoustics SB28 flying bumper and chains.

20 L-Acoustics LA8 4 x 2000W Amplifier and Controller
06 CA-RK 12U, L-acoustics 12U Amp Rack With Motion Labs L21-30(In/thru) x 4 L5-30 power packs and Ready to go connection panels.
(4RackX3 LA-8 Controllers and 2RackX4 LA8-Controllers).
06 CO_RKCOV, Padded Nylon Cover, RK12.

20 CCOM Speaker Cable 75Ft
16 CCOM.7 Speaker Link Cable 2.5Ft
04 DO SUB-LA8, Breakout cable CCOM to 4NL2 Subwoofer cable 10'

Ref: LSLA8123
Price: $415,000USD


64 x V-Dosc in good condition, various ages.

Price: $5,250 USD each

Kara Packages

12 x Kara (2013) (Flight Cases included)
08 x SB18 (2013) (Dollies & Covers included)
01 x 12/u amp rack (3xLA8 AES/EBU Multiamps) (2011)
04 x M-Bumpers
Full Set of cables


Price: €69.000 Euros
12 x Kara (2013) (Flight Cases included)
01 x 8/u amp rack (2xLA8 AES/EBU Multiamps) (2011)
02 x M-Bumpers
Full Set of cables


Price: €47.500 Euros

SB28 Subs Package

L'Acoustics Sub Packages

16 x SB28 (2012) (Dollies included)
04 x LA8 AES/EBU Multiamps 2011
Price: €62.000 Euros
8xSB28 (2012) (Dollies included)
2xLA8 AES/EBU Multiamps) (2011)
Price: €31.000 Euros

dV-Dosc Package

12xDVDosc (Flight Cases included) (2007)
  4xSB218 Subs (Dollies included) (2007)
  2x12/u amp racks (3xLA48a amps each rack) (2007)
  2xDP226 XTA Processors (rack mounted)
  8xSP25 “new manufactured cables”
  8xSP-0.7 “new manufactured cables”

Price: €42.000 Euros

dV-Dosc/SB28 subs New Price

14 dV-DOSC Cabinets
02 DV-BUMP 2
01 Complete rigging accessories (Angle bars and pins)
04 dV-DOSC Stacking Flight case (2x3 and 2X4 units)
04 dV-Down Pair Kits 

08 L-Acoustics  SB-28 Subwoofer elements.
08 CA_SB28PLA, SB-28 Dolly Assembly 
08  CO_SB28COV, SB-28 padded cover 

This package can be split if required. All in very good condition.

Price: $70,000 USD

115 FM wedges

14 x L’accoustic 115FM Wedges
02 x 2 Way Racks (2 x LA24 & 1 x Omnidrive 366)
02 x 4 Way Racks (4 x LA24 & 2 x Omnidrive 366)

£32,000 Pounds


L'Acoustics Kiva Loudspeaker Package
Contains: 30x L'Acoustics Kiva Loudspeakers 8x L'Acoustics Kilo LF Extension 6x L'Acoustics SB15 Compact High Power Sub 5x L'Acoustics Kibu Rigging Sets for Kiva 1x Lake LM44 Processor 5x Flightcases to hold 6x Kiva & 2x Kilo each 3x SB15M Dolly for 2xSB15m each 7x L'Acoustics LA8 Amplifier Controllers
Ref:LSLA4121 Price:£79,000 Pounds
New Price

L-Acoustics Products

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